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Life in Qatar

​​​​​High-quality housing, affordable healthcare, international schools, world-class universities, a packed calendar of recreational activities and more. Daily life in Qatar has so much to offer.

Qatari culture & history

​​​​​As a newcomer to Qatar, you'll be delighted and charmed by the warm welcome you receive. Our rich culture mixes Arabic and Islamic traditions with your favourite contemporary brands and fashions, which you'll see everywhere in our shopping malls and streets.

Introduction to the Qatar Financial Centre

​​​​​​The QFC Authority is the commercial and strategic arm of the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC). We'll deal rapidly with your business application for a QFC licence.​

Tax key facts

​​We know tax is a key issue for your business – that’s why the Qatar Financial Centre levies a low tax-rate of only 10 per cent on locally sourced business profits. Our aim is to nurture a highly competitive environment that allows your business to thrive.