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Employment Standards Office

The Employment Standards Office (ESO) is an independent and impartial institution of the Qatar Financial Centre established pursuant  to Article 6 of the QFC Law to administer and enforce the QFC Employment Regulations and to deal with all employment matters in the QFC.  

The role of the ESO encompasses administration and enforcement of the Employment Regulations and Data Protection Regulations, promotion of fair lab our practice, encouragement of a compliant environment and prevention of contraventions of the regulations, management and resolution of employment disputes.

The ESO's mission is to advance safe, fair and harmonious workplace practices that are essential to the entire social and economic well-being of employers and employees.

To achieve its objectives the ESO team, with more than 25 years of experience in the labour law field, uses a variety of tools including guidance, newsletters, advisory services on demand, attestation of employment agreements and dispute resolution services among others.

Communications are sent periodically via email and through the QFC portal to keep the business community informed at all times and share the latest activities. ​


​Contact us​

Employment Standards Office 

QFC Tower 1 -  8th Floor


Doha - Qatar ​

Phone: +974 44967609


Dispute Prevention​​​​

Dispute prevention is one of the main functions and ​objectives of the ESO aiming at providing employers​ ​and employees with all the necessary tools to comply with the regulatory framework and prevent work​place disputes.

Dispute prevention entails a variety of activities and tools like newsletters, interpretations and guidance, templates and roundtables to spread knowledge of the Employment Regulations, promote their understanding, avoid misinterpretations and facilitate compliance.

Knowledge and understanding of the obligations under the Employment Regulations prevent disputes and can also enable a fair and quick resolution of workplace conflicts before they escalate into a major dispute.

Prevention includes also an observation activity on the legislation, to monitor the business needs of the QFC community and identify areas of improvement in the Regulations. ​​

​​ Compliance Monitoring

Compliance monitoring is a crucial tool for the timely detection and prediction of compliance violations as well as for the provision of pro-active and reactive countermeasures on non-compliance issues.

The overall objectives of the compliance monitoring are:

• Assessment of the level of compliance with applicable legislation

• Identification of non-compliance

• Root-cause analysis

• Definition of corrective actions to fix the non-compliance including enforcement, if needed

• Support of the enforcement process through evidence collection

• Monitoring of compliance with enforcement orders

• Definition of preventive actions to obviate future contraventions

Monitoring is an important part of our integrated regulatory process which requires the cooperation of the community to be completed successfully. 

​​​ Dispute Resolution

One of the main strategic objectives of the ESO is to prevent conflicts in the workplace.

When this is not possible and a dispute arises, the ESO encourages employers and employees to use their internal appeals and grievance procedures, if any, or try to resolve the dispute amicably.

If parties cannot reach an amicable agreement the ESO offers dispute resolution services including conciliation to allow the parties to consider all available options for mutual acceptance of an outcome.

Reaching a settlement through conciliation is quicker, cheaper and less stressful for all concerned parties than a court case.

Conciliation is a voluntary step aimed at settling the matter and related agreements are decided by both the parties and not imposed by determination or judgment.

If the conciliation fails, the ESO adjudicates the dispute issuing a determination which is binding on the parties and can be appealed before the QFC Regulatory Tribunal at the QICDRC.​​



Employees, former employees, employers or other persons can file a complaint with the Employment Standards Office concerning alleged breaches of the QFC Employment Regulations.

Please refer to the links below for detailed information on the procedure to submit a complaint and the relevant form. ​​

ESO Complaint Form​


This section contains informative documents aimed at providing clarifications on the QFC Employment Regulations.

This information is not a legal document and is meant to serve as a guideline only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional legal counsel.​