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The Commercial Registration section of the QFCA is responsible for registration and licensing of QFC Entities;  and approval of service providers to QFC firms such as Approved Auditors, Insolvency Practitioners and Support Service Providers. We also handle all post registration filing and other compliance matters of QFC entities.

The Companies Registration Office (CRO)

CRO was created by Article No. 7 of the Qatar Law no. 7 of 2005 (the “QFC Law” for the purpose of performing such duties and functions in relation to companies and other entities which may be incorporated or established to carry on business in the QFC; and such other duties and functions as the QFC Authority shall think fit).

Our Main Functions

Incorporating/Registering Entities within the QFC

Administration of QFC Public Register and Insolvency Regulations

Process CRO Filings and Notifications

Register Financing Statements, Register Insolvency Practitioners and Deregistration/ Dissolution of QFC Entities

Attending to Certifications Requests

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You can find more information in the Registration section under Resources.
As a registered QFC company, you can use the E-Services on the QFC Client Portal to submit your annual returns, your audited financial accounts, certification requests, change notifications, and more.

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