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The QFC operates to international standards and provides a world-class legal and business infrastructure for those doing business in or from the QFC. The QFC’s commercial and regulatory environment conforms to international best practices and is distinct from the regulatory environment of the State of Qatar.


Qatari Law No. 7 of 2005, as subsequently amended (‘QFC Law’), became effective on 1 May 2005. It sets out the structure of the QFC and establishes the independent bodies necessary for its operation.

QFC Regulations & Rules

QFC Regulations establish the legal framework including legal and business infrastructure for those doing business in the QFC.

Benefits of QFC Legal

Common Law Legal System

A legal system based on English Common Law.

International Court & Dispute Resolution Centre

  • A digitally enabled independent court, regulatory tribunal and dispute-resolution centre.
  • Judgement enforceable in the State.

Transparent Process

Transparent legislative process in which all stakeholders, including Qatar Financial Centre firms, are consulted informally and formally about new or revised legislation, policy and other matters.

Legal Best Practices

A commercial and regulatory environment that conforms to international best practices.

Parallel & Separate

A legal environment parallel to but separate from the law of the State of Qatar.

Award Winning

QFC’s award-winning legal department.

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