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Common Law. International Standards.

We follow the English Common Law, as it is one of the most respected global legal systems. It’s just part of our way of operating with a transparent, accessible and reliable legal, tax and dispute-resolution environment. Qatar’s robust legal and business infrastructure will be familiar to businesses operating in major financial centres around the world.

Common Law

A legal system based on English Common Law.

International Court

Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre – a digitally enabled independent court, regulatory tribunal and dispute-resolution centre

Fair Process

A fair and transparent consultative process in which all stakeholders, including Qatar Financial Centre firms, are consulted informally and formally about new or revised legislation, policy and other matters.

Best Practices

A commercial and regulatory environment that conforms to international best practices.

Parallel & Separate

A legal environment parallel to but separate from the law of the state of Qatar.

Award Winning

QFC’s award-winning legal department.


Qatari Law No. 7 of 2005, as subsequently amended (‘QFC Law’), became effective on 1 May 2005. It sets out the structure of the QFC and establishes the independent bodies necessary for its operation. These include the QFC Authority, the QFC Regulatory Authority, the Civil and Commercial Court (first instance and appellate divisions) and the QFC Regulatory Tribunal.

QFC Regulations

QFC Regulations establish the legal framework including legal and business infrastructure for those doing business in the QFC. The QFC Financial Services Regulations (FSR), enacted under the QFC Law, are the primary Regulations which define the management, objectives, duties, functions, powers and constitution of the QFC Regulatory Authority. The QFC Authority Regulations enacted under the QFC Law are the primary Regulations which define the role and function of the QFC Authority. The Regulations for the Civil and Commercial Court of the QFC and the QFC Regulatory Tribunal will be issued in due course.


View QFC Law

QFC Regulations

View QFC Regulations

QFC Authority Rules

QFCA Rules contain rules made and guidance issued by the QFC Authority. These rules expand on the provisions of other regulations administered by the QFC Authority. 

QFC Regulatory Authority Rules

The QFCRA Rules contain the Rules made and the guidance issued by the QFC Regulatory Authority with respect to the operations of financial institutions. 

QFC Authority Rules

View QFCA Rules

QFC Regulatory Authority Rulebook

View QFCRA Rules

Consultation Papers

The QFCA is committed to continually reviewing its legislative framework in order to allow QFC Firms to benefit from a strong, transparent legal and regulatory environment. The QFCA issues consultation papers from time to time to gather feedback from the QFC community regarding any proposed enhancements and refinements to QFC legislation.

Additional Legal Resources

Consultation Papers

View Papers

Court and Regulatory Tribunal Regulations and Rules

View Rules

Waivers and Modifications issued by the QFCA and QFCRA

View Documents

Policy Statements and Notices

View Documents

QFC Regulations Guidance

View Guides

QFC Forms

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