Behind the Business

A video series that offers industry news, insights, success stories, facts & statistics directly from the clients & internal departments strategic partners of Qatar Financial Centre

Behind Dibsy | Online Payments Start-Up in Qatar

We are featuring Dibsy, a start-up established out of the dream to change Qatar's way of making payments.

Behind the Business | Islamic Finance

Dr Dlalal Aassouli
Assistant Professor of Islamic Finance, Hamad Bin Khalifa University

Qatar’s Economy in a Strong Rebound Surpassing Regional Peers

Thaddeus Charles Malesa
Senior Advisor, Economics & Research, Financial Sector Office at the QFC

Behind Representative Offices x QFCRA

Ewald Muller
Managing Director, QFC Regulatory Authority

Behind RegTech

Andrew Dahdal, Section Head, Economic Diversification at Qatar University and Douglas Arner, Professor in Law at The University of Hong Kong

Behind Register of Shipping

Arun Sharma
Executive Chairman of IRClass

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