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Robust Economy

Qatar’s focus on sustainable progress and success for all participants in the economy sets it apart regionally and globally. With progressive and well-integrated policies in place, the commercial and industrial activities of investors and private businesses are seamlessly aligned with Qatar’s national development strategy and its economic vision for 2030 and beyond.

What makes Qatar even more attractive to international investors is that they get to establish or expand their presence in the region against the backdrop of a competitive, resilient and fast-growing economy. 

Qatar has consistently seen strong and stable economic growth. Qatar’s fiscal strength, combined with its dollar-pegged currency stability, and long-term investment outlook further instil international confidence in Qatar’s growing economy.

Pro-Business Environment

Qatar is constantly expanding opportunities for international companies looking to establish their presence in, or extend their reach to, Qatar and the Middle East. This is made possible through a rigorous reform agenda, a synergistic range of resources, and a string of supporting factors that together form the most empowering and business-friendly environment in the region. 

A full spectrum of incentives further support investors throughout their journey – from consideration to operation and expansion and steady growth in a stable and conducive environment. Qatar’s government fosters a climate that encourages economic freedom and its pro-business policies are designed to reward success.

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World Class Infrastructure

In addition to region-transforming multi-billion port and airport expansion projects, Qatar’s pioneering, next generation connectivity and communications network encompass a nationwide railway and metro system and a $1bn bus electrification project that further ensure efficient domestic connectivity as well as international connection and presence.

The country also benefits from the presence of the world’s third largest cargo fleet and connectivity to 140 destinations in 2021 through its world-renowned airline, Qatar Airways. Moreover, Qatar is home to the first commercial 5G network to launch in the world. As well as ranking 4th in the 5G leadership index, Qatar is closely integrated with the digital economy, with 99.6% internet penetration – tied for highest in the Middle East.

Taking account of all, investors can become part of a major global hub that is constantly getting better connected and enjoy access to customers and partners within Qatar and across the world.

Multicultural Talent and Knowledge Ecosystem

Qatar is home to a diverse talent pool, equipped with the skills and knowledge to drive business in Qatar and in the region.

Qatar is the GCC leader for primary and higher education and has developed the educational strategies required to transform its dominantly young population into a highly skilled workforce. 4,000 projects funded by QNRF since 2006. Qatar Foundation – the nation’s premier education, science, and cultural development institution – has established the peninsula as a global research pioneer too.

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Unparalleled Market Access

Qatar’s future-ready digital and physical infrastructure make it a major global hub to ensure international investors experience seamless flow in trade and capital and can build the networks and relationships they need to succeed.

With Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements with more than 80 countries, access to a vibrant domestic market, Qatar provides attractive business opportunities for investors to thrive.

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Whether you are a business seeking a thriving ecosystem to venture into, or a tourist looking for a vibrant, historical, and picturesque destination to explore, Qatar offers something for everyone to immerse in. With its futuristic and culturally diverse capital city of Doha, Qatar is known for its unique hospitality, exquisite cuisine, traditional souqs, and a myriad of cultural excursion opportunities.

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Qatar is ranked the safest country worldwide in 2020 among 133 countries, topping the mid-year Numbeo Crime Index. Qatar has also ranked as the safest globally in 2019 and the safest Arab country from 2015 to date.

World Population Review

Numbeo Safety Index


Family and Education

Qatar offers quality education for all, whether an existing resident, new resident, or a citizen, all can benefit from its modern, and futuristic education system and infrastructure. A host of public and private schools and many government and international universities offer competitive educational opportunities for everyone.


Moving to Qatar

An array of support services are accessible to those eying to commence a new phase of their lives in Qatar. The country offers world-class city infrastructure, public transport, housing, and a plethora of leisure activities, all prerequisites to a comfortable lifestyle.

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