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The QFC tax regime was developed to be attractive to international financial and other service companies, delivering a high degree of certainty with clear regulations and transparent administrative processes.

Fair Legislation and Efficient Processes

Experience a tax regime at QFC that is fair, transparent, administratively efficient and aligned to international standards.


Competitive corporation tax of 10% on locally sourced profits.

Exemptions and Concessions

Carefully designed tax exemptions and concessions addressing investors’ needs while being aligned to international standards. 

Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs)

Protected access right to an extensive and efficient Double Taxation Agreements network with more than 80 countries.

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No Individual Taxation

No personal income tax, wealth tax or Zakat.

Advance Ruling

Access to an efficient advance ruling service providing a high degree of certainty.

Incentives and Reliefs

As an investment manager, reinsurer, captive insurer or if your business is at least 90% owned by a Qatari national, you can benefit from a concessionary tax rate of 0%.

Where you derive income through investment funds, holding companies and Special Purposes Companies (SPCs), that income is eligible for a tax exemption (subject to conditions).

If you have dividend receipts, returns on public treasury bonds or capital gains relating to the disposal of the majority of shareholdings (not less than 10%), you will be exempt from tax on these items.

Should you have tax losses, these can be carried forward to be offset against future profits, without any time limit, but they cannot be carried back.

Group loss relief is also available for QFC-licensed companies with a 75% ownership relationship.

Tax Rulings

If you need certainty as to how the tax regulations will impact your specific transactions, our efficient advance-ruling service allows issuing a ruling within 30-days.

The rulings are binding on us (but not on you) provided all facts have been fully disclosed and the transactions have been carried out as envisaged in the ruling request.


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As a register QFC firm, you can use the E-Services on the QFC Client Portal for your Tax registration, Tax return form submission, assigning tax agents, and more.

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