Our Partners

At QFC we continuously develop relationships with the global financial and business community and other key institutions, within and outside Qatar to serve our purpose of helping in diversifying the economy in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Partners - Qatar

Invest Qatar

The Investment Promotion Agency Qatar (IPA Qatar) oversees investment promotion activities under the Invest Qatar brand and acts as the country’s umbrella organisation for FDI attraction. Through its vast resources and close coordination with Qatari licensing platforms, which includes the QFC, it helps businesses advance their ambitions and achieve long-term success by delivering the support, advice, and expertise needed.

Qatar Central Bank

We at the QFC support the Qatar Central Bank, the designated Fintech Sector Developer, through information and knowledge exchange, introduction and referrals to lead fintech companies and peer regulators in other jurisdictions.

Qatar National Bank

We at QFC maintain close contact with QNB and seek cooperation in various areas including, but not limited to, innovation, knowledge & information exchange, and international business development.

Aspire Zone - Sports Industry

Aspire is a public foundation that is owned by the Government of Qatar that operates Aspire Zone in Doha, Qatar as unique sport, sports medicine, research and education destination for the international sports industry. We partner create opportunities for international and local companies with interest to establish their presence in the local market through the acceleration program provided by Aspire.

Qatar Research, Development and Innovation Council (QRDI)

Qatar Research, Development and Innovation Council (QRDI) aims to develop a locally empowered and globally connected Research, Development and Innovation ecosystem that enhances Qatar’s resilience and prosperity. We partner together to jointly create opportunities for international and local companies with interest to establish an R&D division in Qatar and provide assistance to new and existing QFC firms in terms of aftercare support and access to QRDI incentives.

Qatar Development Bank and Qatar Fintech Hub

As designated Fintech Sector Developer, we at the QFC work closely with QDB and QFTH, actively supporting and participating in the Incubation & Acceleration Programs and have developed a constructive partnership with the teams at QDB and QFTH. We have co-organised thought leadership events, joint outreach efforts and set up the QFC Tech Circle and launched the Tech Talk and Tech Circular, to assist/support the fintech community and stimulate the continuous development of the fintech ecosystem.

Ministry of Transport and Communications - Digital Industry

The Digital Incubation Center (DIC) is part of the Ministry of Transport and Communication (MOTC) and was created to boost ICT innovation in Qatar, particularly among young people at the critical early stages of starting or growing a technology-related business. We have signed an MoU with MOTC to work collaboratively on this initiative.

Digital Incubation Centre - Incubator Program

We at QFC in cooperation with Digital Incubation Centre (DIC) and Qatar Sports Tech (QST) are supporting startups and young entrepreneurs to play a dynamic role in harnessing the digital transformation of the business community through introducing innovative products, solutions, and services that contribute to Qatar’s digital economy.

Commercial Bank of Qatar

We at QFC have partnered with Commercial Bank of Qatar (CBQ) to introduce our client firms for dedicated and fast tracking of corporate banking and employee banking needs.

Qatar Sports Tech - Accelerator Program

As a strategic partner of Qatar SportsTech (QST), we work together with to realise QST's vision is to transform Doha into one of the leading sports hubs and contribute to Qatar’s diversification goals through the facilitation of corporate startup collaboration through Qatar SportsTech accelerator program.

College of Islamic Studies - Islamic Finance

We have formed a strong relationship with College of Islamic Studies and partner together for projects, webinars and sponsoring of research.

Partners - International

Astana International Financial Centre

As similar onshore financial centers, we at QFC engage and collaborate with the Astana International Financial Centre to share knowledge, expertise and ideas.

The Investment Association

We collaborate with The Investment Association in promoting Fintech innovation, sharing knowledge, information and network contacts.

Islamic Financial Services Board - Islamic Finance

As an associate member of this leading Islamic Regulatory Board, we engage with them for joint project, webinars, meetings and research.

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