21st Asia-Pacific Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance & Social Sciences

Taipei - Taiwan ROC
20.12.2019 - 21.12.2019

Conference Details

Intellectual capital is the primary asset of any knowledge-based economy. Ultra-modern technology, innovation, research, digitalization, use of apps, human-expertize and other related factors are the driving forces behind a knowledge-economy.

Taiwan, for instance, has witnessed tremendous growth during the last two decades thanks to the adoption of the concept of ‘knowledge-economy’ which has helped the economy in its transformation and fabulous economic growth. Considered as one of the ‘Asian Tigers’, Taiwan accords top priority to world-class technology, innovation and high-quality research. Taiwan, has become a capital-intensive and knowledge-based economy. Emergence of high-tech industries and knowledge parks are the best examples one can cite, here. Innovation clusters, cross-border networking & collaboration, encouragement and active support to start-up and other high-tech industries are some of the solid measures the government has initiated to ensure an ‘economic miracle’ in Taiwan.

This conference aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • identify the key factors contributing to the success of a knowledge-economy
  • encourage sharing of knowledge, experience, expertize and best practices from the academic community and industry leaders/practitioners
  • provide an ideal platform for researchers, economists, industrialists, start-up companies, bankers and practitioners to network and collaborate in order to encourage collaborative research among
  • individuals and institutions;
  • offer suitable solutions to ensure an orderly growth of the global economy and bring prosperity with the support of knowledge-based economy.
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