LNG Outlook 2020 & Implications on Qatar


Amid hanging global oversupply and abrupt disruptions caused by the novel coronavirus, and with Chinese and potentially South Korean & Japanese industries/ LNG consumers experiencing significant disruptions, the outlook for Qatar’s LNG exports is presented with unique challenges.

During this webinar we will hear about how these developments are expected to directly impact Qatar, as well as other global markets.


Here's what you missed from Refinitiv's 2020 outlook on LNG.
With the economic effects of the COVID-19 becoming more evident, Refinitv's leading expert on LNG shared some insights on what these implications are on the global and local market.

Some of the questions that were discussed in the Webinar:

  1. Will there be a change to pricing dynamics, which have seen a tight relationship between oil and gas prices?
  2. Will energy contracts be denominated in other currencies?
  3. Have there already been implications to LNG projects from low oil and gas prices?
  4. What are the legal implications of multiple customers declaring force majeure?
  5. How can Qatar best navigate this period? Where can it find new customers?
  6. What can Qatar do to gain advantage over the long-term?

The webinar is no longer available.

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