Pillar 2 and QFC Corporate Solutions – Bring your SPCs and Hold Cos Back Home

QFC Tower 1, 3rd Floor Master Hall
9:30 am - 1:30pm


The recent agreement of 136 countries amongst the BEPS Inclusive Framework members to implement a global minimum tax of (at least) 15% introduces major changes to international tax rules and raises unprecedented challenges for both taxpayers and tax policymakers.

Leading tax experts will discuss these challenges for Qatari Companies and their impact on structuring decisions, on one hand, and will explore how the QFC can help to provide an opportunity to bring some of the structures back home, on the other hand. The event will provide an opportunity for various stakeholders to discuss further developing and enhancing the local Capital Markets and the financial sector in general.

The event will also share insights and latest legal developments around QFC, including real estate ownership and its fast track approach to opening Special Purpose Companies, as well as QFC as ISDA recognised netting jurisdiction.

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