Behind the Business

A video series that offers industry news, insights, success stories, facts & statistics directly from the clients & internal departments strategic partners of Qatar Financial Centre

Behind LIBOR Transition

Zeeshan Khan
Partner and Cofounder at Palladris Consulting Partners

Behind Future Health Biobank

We’re proud that Future Health Biobank is part of our diverse community. Watch our conversation with Faizal Ismail, the CEO of Future Health Biobank, and Dr. Syed, Clinical Consultant at Future Health Biobank, as they explain their company’s role in stem cell healthcare.

Behind Instimatch Global

We’re proud that Instimatch Global has joined our community.
Watch our conversation with Daniel Sandmeier, the CEO and Cofounder of Instimatch Global, and Michael Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Instimatch Global.

Thaddeus Malesa

Senior Advisor, Economics and Research at QFC
(Behind the Economist Roundtable)

Nader Kabbani

Director of Research at Brookings Doha Center
(Behind the Economist Roundtable)

Mohsin Mujtaba

Director, Product and Market Development at Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE)
(Behind the Economist Roundtable)

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