QFC Marks Garangao With Community Event at Qatar's Biggest Open-Air Square

25 May 2019

​QFC Entities, Msheireb Properties and ExxonMobil host a fun-filled event for children at Barahat, Msheireb Downtown Doha to celebrate Garangao​

The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC), one of the world's leading and fastest growing onshore business and financial centres, organised a Garangao community event during the holy month of Ramadan at Msheireb Downtown Doha, the future financial district. The initiative comes as part of the QFC's CSR and Social Investment strategy 'United for Good'.

The event was organised in collaboration with Msheireb Properties, ExxonMobil, QFC Regulatory Authority (QFCRA), Qatar International Court (QICDRC), Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA), and saw participation from Al Shafallah Center for Persons with Disability, the Center for Empowerment and Elderly Care – Ehsan and Best Buddies Qatar.

Social investment remains a key priority for the QFC and these Garangao celebrations provide yet another opportunity to engage our community in a meaningful and impactful way.

The QFC's dedication to becoming agents of purposeful change is reflected in our commitment to important institutions such as Al Shafallah Center, Ehsan and others.

Abdulaziz Ahmed, CSR and Protocol Executive, QFC

Ahmed added:


"We would like to thank Msheireb Properties for enabling us to celebrate this event in one of the most unique and beautiful venues in Qatar, making this Garangao celebration even more meaningful to us and the many children who joined us today."



The event featured a range of entertaining and fun activities including games, an art workshop, and the screening of a short film on ExxonMobil's CSR campaign for social inclusion. The film was produced in partnership with Al Shafallah Center for Persons with Disability and aimed to create awareness on the role of the local community in accepting and supporting children with special needs and providing them with the opportunity to live normally, work and be productive. The cast of the film, which was shot at Qatar landmarks, included children and graduates from Al Shafallah Center.

ExxonMobil Qatar is pleased to celebrate Garangao with this distinguished gathering of professionals who work on CSR programmes for the benefit of Qatar's people and a sustainable future.

We are delighted to have this opportunity to share the special film we produced with Al Shafallah Center for Persons with Disability.

Yousef Fakhroo, Deputy Director, Public & Govt. Affairs, ExxonMobil Qatar Ltd.

Fakhroo Added:


"The film is an example of what can be achieved when like-minded partners work together towards a common goal of promoting an inclusive society that respects and accepts all of its members. I would like to thank Qatar Financial Centre and everyone attending for realising that people with disabilities have unique skills and can help contribute to a strong society with a sustainable and balanced economy."

The Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre takes pride in promoting the values of volunteering amongst the local community and its staff members, and continues to participate in various initiatives and support non-profit organisations.

Jenan Zaghmout, Marketing Officer, QICDRC

The Regulatory Authority's Corporate Social Responsibility programme, is vested in being an active partner in Qatari society, engaging in effective social communication with our community, and contributing to sustainable development.

Celebrating Garangao with our esteemed partners keeps our Qatari heritage alive and involves children in a festive and joyful environment that is all about community-building.

Fatin Ali Al Hitmi, Head of Administration, Corporate Services, QFCRA

We are honoured to have been a part of QFC's special Garangao celebration this year. It is a rare opportunity for us at QFBA, our partners, and all professionals in the Qatari business community to celebrate the fruit of our collective efforts at the service of our local community.

Garangao, is indeed, a perfect occasion to bring this communal sense of belonging to life, and to strengthen our ties as both business and community leaders toward a common goal.

Dr. Mohammed Al Emadi, Head of Sales and Marketing, QFBA

"Our CSR efforts work not only in parallel, but also, in the same ambitious direction; it is our role to recognise the diverse socioeconomic fabric of this great community we all helped build and grow, but more so, to empower each of its members for their unique potential and contributions. The film showcased by Al Shafallah Center for Persons with Disability today is a testament to the power that people, no matter how different or similar they may be, can yield when they pool in their unique abilities and strengths for a higher purpose," he added.

The QFC's CSR and Social Investment strategy 'United for Good' underscores the QFC's long-term commitment to its ethical, social and environmental responsibilities, and focuses on two key pillars, Youth & Education and Community Development, with a special focus on encouraging Financial Literacy within the local community. The programme has played an instrumental role in driving socially-conscious initiatives that address the long-term needs of the community.

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