QFC Supports Career Exploration Programme Organised By QFBA - Northumbria University

28 Aug 2022


28 August 2022, Doha – Qatar: Qatar Financial Centre (QFC), a leading onshore financial and business centre in the region, has sponsored a summer programme designed to introduce students to different careers in the financial sector in Qatar. Themed “Assets of the Future”, the initiative organised by Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) - Northumbria University, comprised theoretical and interactive workshops and visits to renowned financial organisations in the country, including Masraf Al Rayan, Qatar National Bank, and Qatar Stock Exchange.

Sponsoring the summer programme is part of the QFC Corporate Social Responsibility, which embodies its commitment to become a genuine agent of positive change for Qatar by investing in financial literacy, youth empowerment, sustainability, and social engagement.

Commenting on the initiative, Khalifa Al-Yafei, Acting President, QFBA, said: “QFBA is always keen to raise awareness about the vital role of the financial services industry in Qatar”. He emphasised the importance of raising awareness of various career paths among youth and stressed that offering programmes such as “Future Assets” is part of QFBA’s social responsibility to help high school students seeking career guidance and want to learn more about the academic programmes available in finance.

Addressing QFC’s role in the summer programme, Yousef Abdulla Fakhroo, Chief Marketing & Corporate Communications Officer, said: “Qatar Financial Centre welcomes the opportunity to help empower Qatari youth by giving them a chance to explore potential careers in a rapidly growing industry. I commend QFBA - Northumbria University for coming up with this programme, which benefits both the youth participating and the future of Qatar’s financial sector. We will remain committed to supporting socially conscious initiatives, such as this, and continue to bring tangible value to stakeholders and positively impact society.”

Twenty-four high school students and graduates participated in the programme, who were introduced to the financial sector and its diverse career opportunities. They also received assistance with choosing a university major that suits their interests and capabilities and received guidelines on how to build their CVs.

The students expressed their happiness in experiencing the activities of this year’s programme and appreciation for expanding their knowledge of the financial sector’s role and careers in the finance industry.

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