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Qatar may be small, but it sure packs a punch, and with 85% of its population being foreign, most expats will feel right at home.

Visas & Residence Permits

Getting your Residence Permit in Qatar is critically important if you plan on moving there. You will need this card as official identification and to enter government buildings, to pay your bills, and to rent a house.

At QFC, we offer our clients a streamlined and easy process to speed up the necessary requirements through a specialized government services team.

Useful Resources

Visit Qatar: Visas for Visitors

Learn more

Hukoomi: Visas & Official Documents

Learn more

Expat Arrivals: Visas for Qatar

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Where to Stay

It is important to have some insider info when choosing where to live in Qatar. After all, finding the right area will allow you to have the best experience. This following resources should offer all the insight you need.

Expatica – Where to live in Qatar

Learn more – Housing in Qatar

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Property Finder – Qatar

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Looking for office spaces? Our clients can setup in one of our state-of-the-art but affordable office spaces. There are over 50 locations to choose from to give yourself the best possible start.

Relocation & Shipping

The General Authority of Customs oversees and regulates the importing and exporting of all goods. Their official website and its Al-Nadeeb portal are key resources for advice on customs regulations, including what is allowed or prohibited, related tariffs and exemptions on shipping and removals.

We recommend going through an accredited and reputable shipping company that includes insurance, and it might be best to consider a relocation company. If expats do want to import products into Qatar, these professional consultants can ease the process for their clients.

QFC clients can enjoy the special relocation services rates with our partner Santa Fe.

Useful Resources

Al Nadeeb Portal by Qatar Authority of Customs

Learn more

Expat Arrivals - Shipping and Removals

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