Branches of a non-QFC Companies, non-QFC Limited Liability Partnerships, or non-QFC Limited Partnerships

A non-QFC Company, or non-QFC Limited Liability Partnership or a or non-QFC Limited Partnership can register as a Branch with the CRO in accordance with the relevant regulations in order to establish a legal presence within the QFC. The non-QFC company, the non-QFC Limited Liability Partnership or non-QFC Limited Partnership will be the applicant and principally liable for the compliance or non- compliance on the part of its registered branch.

Key Features

  • Unlike LLCs and LLPs, branches registered in QFC have no separate legal personality, distinct from the Non-QFC entity which registered the Branch
  • A Branch has to appoint and retain at all time, a Principal Representative who is resident of Qatar;  and who is authorised to accept service of documents or notices and undertake any other function as may be prescribed by any QFC Regulations
  • It shall have a principal place of business in a QFC approved premises
  • It is required to file with the CRO notices of any changes to the principal representative, place of business, constitutional documents of the non-QFC company and directors of the non-QFC company
  • Every branch shall keep proper accounting records, however, there is no requirement for filing audited accounts to the CRO

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The Qatar Financial Centre Authority (“QFCA”) is committed to ensuring and enhancing transparency by adhering to the legislation on Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Terrorism. In line with this commitment and as a part of its duty in setting up different legal structures or arrangements in the Qatar Financial Centre (“QFC”), the QFCA also has the responsibility for gathering Basic Information regarding such structures or arrangements and identifying their ultimate beneficial owners. It is the responsibility of the legal structures or arrangements registered with the QFC, to maintain at its Registered Office, a Register of Basic Information, a Register of Beneficial Owners and a Register of Nominees, in addition to any other Register required to be maintained under any QFC Regulations and Rules.

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