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Corporate Solutions 

Holding Companies

Raising finances? Managing or ring-fencing risk or divesting assets?

Establishing your holding company at QFC will enable you to manage your business in a strategic and flexible manner. Our legal system is based on international best practices, providing a stable operating environment to protect regional and global assets.

Your company can manage income; conduct corporate restructurings, mergers and acquisitions; and engage in other corporate activities with confidence. 

Access top-tier professional services firms and get expert support, from financial advisory and risk management to legal services.

Permitted Activities

Holding and maintaining subsidiaries

Providing indemnity to any third party 

Granting any type of security interest over its assets

Acquiring, holding or disposing of an interest in any asset whether tangible or intangible (such as intellectual property)

Providing any type of loan or other form of financing to members of its group

Providing administrative and support services to the group

Providing treasury operations, thereby allowing companies to manage their funding and hedging requirements

Providing treasury operations, thereby allowing companies to manage their funding and hedging requirements

Special Purpose Companies

Special Purpose Companies (SPCs) are incorporated companies set up to execute transactions. Firms can use SPCs to obtain financing for a specific purpose while limiting shareholders’ risk or to place assets in a structure where they can be easily managed.

SPCs in the QFC enjoy highly attractive tax rates, assistance with setting up as well as extensive ongoing benefits. They also enjoy the flexibility of carrying out a wide range of activities to support the execution of different types of transactions.

An SPC is required to appoint and retain a QFC Authority approved Support Services Provider to perform corporate and administrative services. A Support Services Provider can provide one or more of the following: Management and administrative services, services as a registered agent, director, company secretary or similar officer, and a registered office, place of business or address.

Permitted Activities

Grant any type of security interest over its assets

Acquire, hold or dispose of assets (tangible or intangible)

Obtain or provide financing

Enter in hedging arrangements

Act as a trust administrator for participants in a transaction

Provide indemnity to shareholders

Facilitate Islamic finance transactions such as Sukuk

Regional Treasury Operations

Need to locate your regional treasury services or support operations in burgeoning financial centre?

Qatar is becoming more attractive for regional treasury services and support operations. The QFC’s legal and tax regime provides you with the ideal environment in which to manage the funding and hedging requirements of investments in the region.

Permitted Activities

Company headquarters

Management operations

Holding companies

Company Headquarters

Seeking the right location for your organisation? Qatar can give you a competitive edge.

Ease of entry, international connectivity, access to experts from around the world, a competitive legal and regulatory environment, and a broad network of vital contacts to grow your business means QFC can help your business grow in Qatar and beyond.

Permitted Activities

Strategic planning

Financial planning

Marketing and corporate communications

Treasury management and operations


Human resources

Global operations

Shared services

Management Offices

Management Offices are entities that manage and supervise a corporate group’s operations. Firms can utilise Management Offices to maximise the efficiency of a group’s practices. The QFC is a prime location for a Management Office.

Strategically located within the Middle East with easy connectivity to Europe and Asia, the QFC also has a legal and regulatory framework based on international best practice. Additionally, the QFC has a dedicated team to ensure that setting up is easy and who are on hand to provide support with immigration and visas, office space and IT.

Plus, Management Offices at the QFC can access support from the multitude of professional services firms currently operating here, and a wider business network of vital contacts and leads

Permitted Activities

Subsidiary offices (excludes activities of a holding company)




Supply chains

Group policies

Professional & Business Services

Qatar's economy is expanding and with it the need for firms and individuals with specialised skills.

Infrastructure projects, commercial and residential developments, large-scale economic diversification plans, and international sporting events are driving demand for professional and business services.

Permitted Activities


Patent and copyright agents

Advertising agencies

Advisory / Consulting

Architectural services

Audit / Accounting

Business and educational services


Credit and investment grading

Engineering design activities for industrial process and production

Engineering related scientific and technical consulting

Environmental consultancies

Estate planning
and will writing

Event management

HR consultancy and recruitment for permanent positions

Information services

Information technology consultancies

Logistics planning and consultancies

Loss adjustment

Marketing and brand management

Media representation services

Project management

Provision, formation, operation and administration of companies or trusts

Public relations

Ship broking

Shipping agents

Specialised design

Tax consultancy

Third party administrator

Translation and interpretation

Urban planning and landscape architecture

Other professional and business services


The QFC Companies Limited by Guarantee LLC(G) structure provides business councils, professional and industry associations and other relevant organisations an innovative option to establish a legal presence in a cost-effective manner.

Permitted Activities

Associations: Industry and professional associations

Business councils: Trade and business promotion

Other relevant not-for profit organisations as approved by the Qatar Financial Centre Authority board


HNI Solutions

Individual Holding Companies

Considering setting up an Individual Holding Company in Qatar?

It’s a wise decision. Establishing an Individual Holding Company at QFC enables you to strategically and flexibly manage your business in Qatar – a key hub for the Middle East and beyond, and one of the world's fastest growing economies.

Permitted Activities

Provide indemnity to any third party 

Grant any type of security interest over its assets

Provide any type of loan or other form of financing to members of its group

Provide treasury operations, thereby allowing companies to manage their funding and hedging requirements

Establish and administer trusts as well as other companies

Acquire, hold or dispose of an interest in any asset whether tangible or intangible (such as intellectual property)

Hold and maintain one or more subsidiaries


Thinking of establishing a trust in Qatar? The QFC is the only place you can.

QFC Trusts provide beneficiaries with the freedom to profit from assets owned by another person. A beneficiary can be either a person or an entity. Trusts can be formed by transferring assets to a trustee, transferring assets from one Trust to another or Appointing a trustee.

Trustees are individuals or entities that administer a trust according to the Trust’s objectives or the beneficiary’s interests. The QFC is the only place in Qatar where a trust can be established.

Gain protection of assets via a legal framework based on international standards and find success through access to world-class advisers who provide expert support. Access a wide business community, consisting of professional services firms and a large number of leading banks and asset managers, to assist your trust with everything from investment advisory to legal services.

Permitted Activities

Express Trusts

Suitable for clients requiring flexibility, this trust enables a settlor’s intent to be demonstrated in writing by the appointed trustee.

Charitable Trusts

Created to alleviate poverty, advance education or religion, promote health, protect the environment or for any other purpose that benefits the general public.

Purpose Trusts

Suitable for non-charitable trusts that intend to hold or invest in company shares.

Protective Trusts

Created to protect the trust’s assets in order to ensure that the designated beneficiary receives continued support.

Discretionary Trusts

Arrangements whereby the settlor can partially or totally delegate decision-making discretion to the trustee on how to manage and invest the trust’s estate as well as how benefits are distributed

Single Family Offices

Looking to manage the wealth of high-net-worth (HNW) families?

Singe Family Offices (SFOs) manage the wealth and business interests of families with assets of at least US$ 5 million. A Family Office offers the potential for higher returns through pooled asset management and reduced costs through centralised professional services. It presents the ability to have management structures and governance that can meet the demands of family wealth management whilst mitigating disputes and risks. Furthermore, sharing  Financial advisers through a Family Office avoids conflicts of approach that can arise from individual advisers appointed by family members. 

Financial planning and investment management are usually the key drivers in setting up a Family Office. Management of charitable donations and the technical and operational management of trusts can also be ably administered by an SFO. Additionally, an SFO can provide a key role in offering compliance and audit reporting, risk management and insurance, tax preparation and reporting, and other fiscal and legal administration.

Qatar is the ideal strategic location where you can benefit from our favourable tax environment, transparent legal system based on international standards and gain access to our growing business community. The QFC is home to some of the world’s top single-family offices.

Permitted Activities

Manage investments and other assets

Buy and sell assets

Provide custodian and fiduciary services

Provide accounting services, tax advice and other consulting services

Form, operate and manage the family trust

Act as directors or partners on behalf of a single family


Financial Services

Contemplating setting up your financial services business in the region?

The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC), one of the world’s leading and fastest growing business and financial centres and is helping shape the future of financial services in Qatar and the region. With up to 100% foreign ownership, a compelling tax environment, easy setup and untapped MENASA markets on your doorstep, it’s not surprising that many regulated and unregulated financial services firms have already chosen to establish a presence at QFC.

In addition to the multiple benefits of QFC already mentioned, financial services firms can additionally benefit from access to:
(1) Various locations onshore to set up your business as well as access to Qatar’s business community.
(2) One of the few countries in the Middle East to host a Renminbi clearing and settlement centre.
(3) QFC Netting Regulations.

Permitted Activities


Financial business, banking business of whatever nature, and investment business, including (without limit) all business activities that are customarily provided by investment, corporate and wholesale financing banks, as well as Islamic and electronic banking business.


Insurance and reinsurance business of all categories.


Money market, stock exchange and commodity market business of all categories, including trading in and dealing in precious metals, stocks, bonds, securities, and other financial activities derived therefrom, or associated therewith.

Asset Management

Money and asset management business, investment fund business, the provision of project finance and corporate finance in all business fields and Islamic banking and financing business.


Funds administration, fund advisory and fiduciary business of all kinds.


Pension fund business and the business of credit companies.


The business of insurance broking, stock broking, and all other financial brokerage business.

Financial Consulting

Financial agency business and the business of provision of corporate finance and other financial advice, investment advice and investment services of all kinds.


The provision of financial custodian services and the business of acting as legal trustees.


The business of ship broking and shipping agents.

Classification or Grading

The business of provision of classification services and investment grading and other grading services.

Treasury Functions

Business activities of company headquarters, management offices and treasury operations and other related functions for all kinds of business, and the administration of companies generally.

Professional Financial Services

The business of providing professional services including but not limited to audit, accounting, tax, consulting,  legal, information, and financial technology services.

Financial Corporate Solutions

Business activities of holding companies, and the provision, formation, operation and administration of trusts and similar arrangements of all kinds.

Financial Business

The business of provision, formation, operation and administration of companies.

Join QFC today and tap into Qatar’s wider business network.

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