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  • Financial Services

    Join Qatar's financial revolution.

    The QFC’s strategy focuses on financial services industries such as FinTech, Islamic Finance, Capital Markets and Asset Management.

    The government is actively promoting Qatar as a regional centre for fintech, which will act as a catalyst to drive innovation and growth forward, making it the perfect time and place to join the FinTech revolution.

    Opportunities exist within digital payments, money management, lending, remittances and investments.

    Islamic Finance

    Qatar’s Islamic Finance sector ranked 46.31 compared to the global average of 10.45

    Stock Exchange

    In 2018, the Qatar Stock Exchange listed the world’s largest single-country Islamic exchange-traded fund

    Asset Management

    Total Assets under Management of private sector in Qatar are expected to increase to US$7.8B by 2020

    Top Financial Market

    The Qatari capital market ‘is the best and most important’ financial market in the Arab region and ‘one of the top 10’ in the world

    Financially Safe

    Qatar ranked 1st in the Global Finance Safety Index in the Arab world, and 7th globally in 2019

  • Sports

    Be part of the action.

    Qatar’s growing sports industry offers a wide-range of opportunities for investment.

    With Qatar’s upcoming hosting of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ and accelerating local investment in sporting infrastructure and facilities, it’s your chance to be part of the action.


    Opportunities exist within HR and training, facilities management, translation services, ICT, healthcare and medical services and event management.

    Investment Opportunities

    The Ministry of Industry and Commerce announced 83 trade and investment opportunities in the sports sector by 2023

    Qatar Sport Accelerator

    The QFC signed a MoU with Aspire Zone Foundation in 2018 to establish a Sports  Accelerator – Qatar Business District to facilitate the commercialisation of sports- related products and services

    Hub for World-Class Events

    Qatar is manifesting itself as a sport hub by hosting world-class sporting events

  • Media

    Be part of Qatar's Media City.

    Qatar’s intention to launch an entire media city is borne on the back of a history stretching back to the 1960s. Since then news, sports and cultural channels and satellites have followed.

    In 2019, a draft law was issued to establish a Media City that aims to develop the industry and attract multinational media, technology businesses, and research and training institutions in print, electronic and digital media

    Local Demand

    A digital media revolution is taking place across the board from telecommunication to digital and film-focused agencies and production houses – all driven by local demand.

    World-Class Outlets

    Well respected media outlets in Qatar include the internationally renowned Al Jazeera Network and BeIN Sports.

    Qatari Satellites

    In 2013, Qatar launched its own satellite Es'hailSat and in 2018 it launched Es'hailSat-2

    World-Class Media Studies

    Local advancement in Media Studies through connections with international educational establishments

  • Digital

    Expand your digital presence.

    Qatar is ahead of the game in its digital infrastructure and the QFC is at the heart of this push.

    Qatar’s digital advancement is driven by a mandate to increase and improve digital engagement in the public and private sectors as part of Qatar’s National Vision 2030, so why not expand your digital presence with the QFC?

    Highly Engaged

    Ranked 1st in Arab countries and 2nd globally for engagement with mobile services and apps for the second year in a row (2018 Global Mobile Engagement Index)

    Access for All

    Ranked 1st globally in Internet Penetration (99%) (Digital in 2018 Insight Report)

    High-Tech Business Community

    Ranked 9th globally for ICT adoption (WEF GlobalCompetitiveness Report 2018)

    Government Support

    The QFC partnered with the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) and the Ministry of Transport and Communications develop digital services

    Most Connected

    Qataris are among the most digitally connected citizens in Arab region (Media Use in the Middle East Study 2018)

  • Healthcare


    Gain access to one of the Middle East’s highest healthcare investors through the QFC. Several healthcare megaprojects and a National Health Strategy (2018-2022) has been launched. 

    Opportunities exist within healthcare and medical services, facilities management, ICT, architecture and logistics consultancy.

    Growing Investment

    Qatar has invested $6.2bn in the healthcare sector in 2018, up 4% from 2017

    Best in the Region

    Qatar's healthcare system ranked 5th best in the world and 1st in the Middle East (Legatum Institute)

    Growing Capacity

    38.3m outpatient and 400,000 inpatient visits are predicted by 2033

    Government Support

    Within the past two year, Qatar has allocated huge investments in the health sector by providing more 1100 beds and opening four new health centres

    Large Facilities

    Qatar Rehabilitation Institute is the largest rehabilitation hospital in the region at 38,000 sq. m

  • Tourism


    Make your vision part of our vision. In pursuit of Qatar’s National Vision 2030, tourism has been designated a priority sector, meaning tourism investment avenues in this sector are numerous.

    Opportunities exist within leisure, cultural and MICE tourism include facilities management, HR and training, marketing, event management, logistics and consultancy services.

    Rapidly Growing

    Qatar's tourism sector enjoyed growth rates of 11% as of August 2019

    Business Environment

    Qatar ranks 1st in the Middle East and 8th globally in Business Environment (World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019)

    Globally Connected

    Qatar is connected to over 160 countries by a 5-star national carrier

    World-Class Exhibition Centre

    Over 70,000 sq. m of business tourism space exists at Qatar National Convention Centre and Doha Exhibition and Conference Center

    Best in Class Public Transport

    Doha Metro will provide transportation links to multiple tourist destinations

    Join QFC today and tap into Qatar’s wider business network.