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You mean to setup a Regulated business in QFC? We mean business

The government is actively promoting Qatar as a regional centre for fintech, which will act as a catalyst to drive innovation and growth, making it the perfect time and place to join the FinTech revolution. Opportunities exist within digital payments, money management, lending and investments. As the world’s top LNG exporter, boasting one of the highest GDP’s per capita, Qatar continues to be one of the strongest economies in the world.

The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC), one of the world’s leading and fastest growing business and financial centres and is helping shape the future of financial services in Qatar and the region. With up to 100% foreign ownership, a compelling tax environment, easy setup and untapped MENASA markets on your doorstep, it’s not surprising that many regulated and unregulated financial services firms have already chosen to establish a presence at QFC.

Islamic Finance

Qatar’s Islamic Finance sector ranked 46.31 compared to the global average of 10.45

Stock Exchange

In 2018, the Qatar Stock Exchange listed the world’s largest single-country Islamic exchange-traded fund

Asset Management

Total Assets under Management of private sector in Qatar are expected to increase to US$7.8B by 2020

Top Financial Market

The Qatari capital market ‘is the best and most important’ financial market in the Arab region and ‘one of the top 10’ in the world

Financially Safe

Qatar ranked 1st in the Global Finance Safety Index in the Arab world, and 7th globally in 2019

Permitted Activities


Financial business, banking business of whatever nature, and investment business, including (without limit) all business activities that are customarily provided by investment, corporate and wholesale financing banks, as well as Islamic and electronic banking business.


Insurance and reinsurance business of all categories.


Money market, stock exchange and commodity market business of all categories, including trading in and dealing in precious metals, stocks, bonds, securities, and other financial activities derived therefrom, or associated therewith.

Asset Management

Money and asset management business, investment fund business, the provision of project finance and corporate finance in all business fields and Islamic banking and financing business.


Funds administration, fund advisory and fiduciary business of all kinds.


Pension fund business and the business of credit companies.


The business of insurance broking, stock broking, and all other financial brokerage business.

Financial Consulting

Financial agency business and the business of provision of corporate finance and other financial advice, investment advice and investment services of all kinds.


The provision of financial custodian services and the business of acting as legal trustees.


The business of ship broking and shipping agents.

Classification or Grading

The business of provision of classification services and investment grading and other grading services.

Treasury Functions

Business activities of company headquarters, management offices and treasury operations and other related functions for all kinds of business, and the administration of companies generally.

Professional Financial Services

The business of providing professional services including but not limited to audit, accounting, tax, consulting,  legal, information, and financial technology services.

Financial Corporate Solutions

Business activities of holding companies, and the provision, formation, operation and administration of trusts and similar arrangements of all kinds.

Financial Business

The business of provision, formation, operation and administration of companies.

Financial Sector Office (FSO)

Non-Regulated Activities

All financial applications go through our Financial Sector Office (FSO) who will review your business case and proposed activities. If the FSO determine that your proposed activities fall within the permitted activities and are non-regulated, they facilitate and guide you through the standard QFC licensing and registration process. 


Regulated Activities

Alternatively, if the FSO determine that your proposed activities fall within the Regulated Activities, which are defined in the QFC Financial Services Regulations (FSR), in which case, an authorisation must be obtained from the QFC Regulatory Authority (QFCRA) before proceeding with the rest of the application for the certificate of incorporation or registration which is issued by our Companies Registration Office.

The FSO will guide you through the authorization process and will intermediate with the QFC Regulatory Authority (QFCRA).


Added Benefits

The QFC’s strategy focuses on financial services industries such as FinTech, Islamic Finance, Capital Markets and Asset Management. In addition to the multiple benefits of QFC mentioned below, financial services firms can additionally benefit from access to:

(1) Various locations onshore to set up your business as well as access to Qatar’s business community.

(2) One of the few countries in the Middle East to host a Renminbi clearing and settlement centre.

(3) QFC Netting Regulations.

Easy setup

One of the easiest places in MENA to establish and operate.


Up to 100% foreign ownership in an onshore environment.

Common Law

Legal system based on English common law.


Competitive tax environment.


A business community of a broad range of regulated and non-regulated firms.


100% repatriation of profits.


Establish your business in one of our premium locations.


Access Qatar's pool of skilled workforce.

Ready to grow your financial business?

Intro to FSO

Eugene McQuaid

Director of Economic Policy R&D, QFC (previously)

FinTech in Qatar

Wim De Waele

CEO & Managing Partner, B-Hive Europe

Asset Management in Qatar

Sheikh Hamad M K Al Thani

VP Investment, Qatar Insurance Company (QIC)

Expanded FinTech Activities

Henk Jan Hoogendoorn, Managing Director of our Financial Sector


Andrew Dahdal, Section Head, Economic Diversification at Qatar University and Douglas Arner, Professor in Law at The University of Hong Kong

Regulatory MoUs

Dr. Giovanni Bandi

Director, Investment Manager, QFCRA

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