Register Financing Statements, Register Insolvency Practitioners and Deregistration/Dissolution of QFC Entities

Registration of Financing Statements

The  CRO is responsible for maintaining a Register of Financing Statements filed in accordance with Part 12 of QFC Companies Regulations, read with the provisions of the QFC Security Regulations

Deregistration or Dissolution of QFC Entities and Administration of QFC Insolvency Regulations

The CRO is responsible for deregistration (voluntary and involuntary), of the QFC firms, and for administering the Insolvency Regulations and the Insolvency Rules in the QFC. 

The CRO is also responsible for approval and renewal /withdrawal of the approval, of Approved Insolvency Practitioners in the QFC. 

Deregistration/Dormancy Applications

Deregistration applications for all non-regulated firms can be submitted through the CRO module of the QFC Client Portal, and requests for changing the firm’s status to Dormant can be submitted through the Licensing module of the QFC Client Portal. All requests for deregistration and dormancy of regulated firms shall be forwarded to the Qatar Financial Centre Regulated Authority. 

Registration of Insolvency Practitioners/Liquidators

Only QFC approved Insolvency Practitioners/Liquidators can be appointed as liquidators of QFC firms. For a list of currently approved QFC approved Insolvency Practitioners/Liquidators, please click here

For registering as a QFC approved Insolvency Practitioner/Liquidator, please contact

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